To report known or suspected child abuse please call the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline 844-CO-4-Kids or visit  





A Child Advocacy Center or CAC is a child and adolescent-friendly space where youth and their caregivers come to receive services and support through child abuse investigations. CACs were created to address the needs of child abuse victims using a centralized place where community resources come together


  • Brighter World Child Advocacy Center is a safe, comfortable, child-focused environment where your child can talk about their disclosure and receive additional resources as needed. 
  • When you arrive at Brighter World our Child & Family Support Specialist will greet you and your child in the private family room to help get you settled and discuss additional support and resources available to you. 
  • You will meet our Forensic Interviewer who will talk with your child one-on-one using age appropriate, open-ended questions with the aim of fact-finding. 
  • When the interview is complete you will have the opportunity to meet with the investigative team to ask questions and be guided through the next steps. 
  • After you leave Brighter World our Child & Family Support Specialist will continue to be a support for you and your child. 

How to prepare for a visit

Many parents and caregivers have questions about how to prepare their child for their visit to Brighter World. Our Child & Family Support Specialist will contact you before arriving to help with age-appropriate language and suggestions to talk with your child about coming to Brighter World.


  • Give your child permission to talk with the interviewer.
  • Reassure your child that Brighter World is a safe place to talk openly and honestly.
  • Tell your child that the person they will talk to is someone who talks to kids every day.
  • Tell your child you will be at Brighter World during the interview, and that you will not leave until they are done.
  • Do not instruct your child on how to act or what to say while at Brighter World.
  • Please do not promise any treats or rewards to your child for speaking with the interviewer.
  • We are here to help you answer questions, please do not try to answer questions that you are unsure about.