To report known or suspected child abuse please call the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline 844-CO-4-Kids or visit  




mark fitzgerald

Better Tomorrow Executive Director

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Julia Luciano-Burns

Program Director & Forensic Interviewer

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willa seybolt

Client Support & Forensic Interviewer


A Children’s Advocacy Center (“CAC”) is a child-friendly facility that offers safety, security, and a wide range of victim services for kids and families exposed to violence or abuse. These community-based centers are staffed with professional first responders for allegations and all types of child abuse, providing direct services to children in need or in crisis. CAC services reduce the impact of child abuse by coordinating law enforcement, criminal justice, child protection, forensic interviewers, prosecution, mental health, medical and victim advocacy professionals to provide services simultaneously. Brighter World CAC provides a comfortable setting to investigate abuse, hold offenders accountable, and – most importantly – help children begin healing from the trauma of abuse.

Evidence has proven CAC’s:

  • serve as an efficient and cost-effective child abuse response;
  • increase the rates of prosecution;
  • reduce the length of time to deposition in child abuse cases;
  • increase the likelihood that affected children receive medical care;
  • improve a child-victim’s access to mental health treatment;
  • provide parental/caregiver greater satisfaction in the investigation and prosecution processes involving their child(ren).

What is an MDT (multidisciplinary team)?

Brighter World is not just a facility, but the hub for multiple agencies to provide coordinated support to children and families. This multidisciplinary approach brings together Brighter World staff, child protection professionals, law enforcement, prosecution, and medical and mental health providers for coordinated investigations and intervention. This approach not only streamlines communication and improves services overall, but more importantly aims to reduce potential trauma to children and families.


  • 14th Judicial District Attorney’s Office
  • Routt County Sheriff’s Office
  • Steamboat Springs Police Department
  • Oak Creek Police Department
  • Hayden Police Department
  • Moffat County Sheriff’s Office
  • Craig Police Department
  • Grand County Sheriff’s Office
  • Routt County Department of Human Services
  • Grand County Department of Human Services
  • Moffat County Department of Human Services