To report known or suspected child abuse please call the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline 844-CO-4-Kids or visit  



To eliminate negative impacts of abuse, neglect, and other forms of maltreatment [on vulnerable populations] in our communities.


Brighter World provides a trauma-informed response to
maltreatment of children, teens, and vulnerable adults through forensic expertise in a neutral, safe location. In collaboration with community partners, we elevate voices of the individuals we serve through education, family advocacy, and fostering healing.

Approximately 1 in 5 children in the United States experience some form of abuse and/or neglect in their lifetime. Our community is no exception, with approximately 80 cases of serious child abuse investigated each year. Brighter World provides victims and their families:


A convenient, 
family-friendly space


Access to a forensic interview and medical exam


An interviewer trained specifically to work with children


Immediate access to information and resources for the family




Noah walks into the Brighter World Child Advocacy Center. He doesn’t want to be there – who would? But Noah has been sexually assaulted by his stepfather and the police are already involved.

The District Attorney’s Office and the Department of Human Services need statements and physical examinations. The Court process is looming. Noah just wants to be safe at home with his dad and stepmom.

Before opening in 2021, Noah’s parents would’ve had to take him far from our community – to Glenwood Springs, Summit County, maybe Denver – to access professionals with the training and resources to best help him. Now, Brighter World will give Noah everything he needs in this traumatic time right here, close to home.

As Noah enters the child-friendly Center, he is welcomed into the comforting Family Room where he can play with toys or relax on the big couch. The people here are kind and treat him with warmth and understanding. He’s scared, but maybe this won’t be so bad.


Without Brighter World, Noah would have likely been interviewed multiple times by the police, lawyers, social workers, and medical professionals in unfamiliar office spaces. But at Brighter World Noah is introduced to a kind woman who helps him and his family understand what to expect. This woman is specially trained to listen to him about what happened. Then he meets another kind child specialist for an exam to make sure he is okay physically as well.

Noah learns that his story would be videotaped, so he wouldn’t have to repeat it multiple times. He learned that more people who care about him, a detective and a caseworker, would be watching from another room so they could help him too. He’s comforted that the first woman he met remains with his family answering questions and taking care of them while he’s interviewed and examined.

Noah didn’t want to be there that day, who would? But when he walked out of the CAC, he felt cared for through the toughest part and truly believed the healing process had already begun.